Charlotte Campus


Caps & Gowns and Name Cards

Caps & Gowns

You have two options to order your cap and gown. In both cases, you will pay for and pick up your cap and gown in the Village Bookstore.

1. You can place your order online on the Herff Jones reservation website. Herff Jones will ship your order to the Village Bookstore where you will pay for and pick them up. The deadline to order online is March 15, 2024.

2. Your second option is to go directly to the Village Bookstore to purchase your regalia. In the event your size is not in stock, the Bookstore will place an order on your behalf and contact you for pickup.

Cap and gown prices have not been updated on the Herff Jones reservation website. The prices are:

  • Associates (Cap, gown, tassel) - $41
  • Bachelor's (cap, gown, tassel and hood) - $70


Students' dress under their gowns should be professional with comfortable dress shoes, but should also take into account the weather.

Rings and Announcements

If interested, class rings and announcements are available for purchase from Herff Jones.

Academic Hoods

All graduating students except AS degree candidates will receive an academic hood. It will be provided with your cap & gown order.


The following stoles and cords will be distributed as noted below.

  • Undergraduate grads with a 3.5 or higher cumulative GPA as of the end of the fall semester will receive a Gold Cord when they pick up their cap and gown. If your cap and gown was mailed to you, you will be able to pick up your cord when you arrive for the ceremony on May 2.
  • Undergraduate degree recipients completing all Honors Program requirements and who have a 3.4 or higher GPA at the end of the fall semester will receive and Honors Gold Stole (given out by the program director).
  • Undergraduate grads who participated in co-curricular activities designated by university parameters will receive a Blue & White Cord. These will be distributed by the appropriate program director.
  • Graduates who are veterans will receive a Red, White & Blue Cord to honor their military service. These will be distributed by the Veteran Coodinator.

Name Cards

What's a Name Card?

It's used to announce your name when you cross the commencement stage. If necessary, to make sure your name is pronounced correctly, write clearly and directly on your card the best way to pronounce your name. Name cards are distributed when you check in for the ceremony on May 2.

What name gets printed on my Name Card and in the Commencement Program?

Your name will match what's listed on your Graduation Application, which you can view in jwuLink

What if I prefer to use a different first name (other than my legal name) on my Name Card and/or in the Commencement Program?

Please submit the Graduation Name in Use form by April 5, 2024. If the submission deadline is missed, your name card can be adjusted the day of commencement (simply cross out your first name and write in your preferred name).