Which students are eligible to participate in the 2019 commencement?

For inclusion in the commencement program, degree-seeking students must fall into one of the following categories:

  •  The student is awarded a degree in the fall 2018 term or winter 2018 term
  • The student is enrolled in the spring 2019 term and, as of March 15, 2019, has an expected degree completion term of spring 2019, summer 2019 or fall 2019. No notice is required if you do not plan to attend commencement. Your name will be included in the program regardless of attendance, but it will not be announced unless you are present.

How do I verify that my name will be printed correctly in the program? 

Student Academic & Financial Services will send each student who is eligible for graduation an email listing their name, major and academic honors. Students will receive this email in mid-April and will have approximately one week to submit any changes.

Students who have not received this email by April 16, 2018 should contact Student Academic & Financial Services immediately at 305-892-7033.

Do I get my diploma at commencement? 

No. Diplomas are not distributed at commencement. Graduates are given a diploma cover containing a signed letter from the president.

When and how do I get my diploma? 

Upon graduation, your degree will be awarded. Your academic transcript will reflect this achievement. The graduation review process takes three to four business weeks following the end of a term. Once awarded, your diploma will be printed and mailed to the address specified on your graduation application in jwuLink. After you have been verified as a graduate, please allow at least three additional weeks for your diploma to arrive. Diplomas will be issued provided all financial obligations with the university have been met and there are no other holds or outstanding issues on your record (e.g., outstanding library fee, unreturned athletic gear).

What’s the difference between graduation & commencement?

Graduation refers to actually receiving a degree or certificate of completion once Johnson & Wales University has verified you as having met all degree or certificate requirements. Commencement is a ceremony. It is an opportunity for students, families, friends, and the JWU community to celebrate their academic accomplishments. Participation in commencement does not mean that students have graduated. Students must satisfy all graduation requirements before officially graduating and receiving a diploma.

I’m finishing my associate degree now and continuing on for a bachelor’s degree.

Do I have to attend commencement now or can I wait? 

You have the option to attend commencement this year for your associate degree or you can wait to attend commencement in the year when you finish your bachelor's degree. Or, you can attend both commencements. It's your choice; your name will be printed in the program regardless of attendance at commencement. If you plan to wait to attend commencement, you are not required to complete exit counseling now.

I cannot or do not want to attend commencement.

Do I need to tell anyone? Will my name be printed in the commencement program? 

No notice is required if you are not attending. Your name will be printed in the program regardless of attendance, but it will not be announced since you will not be in attendance to cross the stage. Student wishing not to have their name printed in the program must contact Student Academic & Financial Services at 305-892-7038.

If I am not attending commencement, do I still need to complete exit counseling? 

If you have student loans, yes — this is a requirement.