To participate in commencement, you must:

  1. Submit or verify your graduation application on jwuLink.

  2. Get your Cap & Gown Form from SFS.

  3. In May, you will receive a notification email with commencement details.

  4. Wear appropriate clothing & academic dress.

Note: If you do not plan on attending commencement and have student loans, you are still required to complete student loan exit counseling.



How do I submit or view my graduation application? What is it?

Fill it out to specify how you want your name printed on your diploma and where you want it mailed.

To view or submit yours, login to jwuLink > go to the Grades & Schedules tab > refer to the Graduation & Commencement section >submit your Graduation Application.

Your graduation application will become available to complete once you have earned the listed amount of credits (this does not include current term courses). For Associates of Science degrees 48 credits and for Bachelors of Science degrees 120 credits.

How do I get my Cap & Gown Form? 

You get it after completing a JWU Exit Interview. Before going, you must complete student loan exit counseling. If you have no student loans, skip ahead to the “What if I have no student loans?” question.

How do I complete student loan exit counseling?

1. View your student loans (click the Financial Aid Review button).

2. If you have a Federal Direct Loan, complete exit counseling here (after login, click Complete Counseling > click Exit Counseling > follow all instructions).

3. If you have a Federal Perkins Loan, complete online counseling by visiting loan.jwu.edu and follow the instructions.

4. Once finished, please print proof of completion and bring it to the SFS office or an Exit Session.

When are JWU Exit Sessions?

Student Academic & Financial Services will assist students with exit counseling April 23 - May 3 in ASC 106. Additional exit counseling sessions will be offered in the spring term.

  • Tuesday, April 23 - 4:45PM

  • Wednesday, April 24 - 12noon

  • Thursday, April 25 - 10:00AM

  • Friday, April 26 - 4:45PM

  • Wednesday, May 1 - 10:00AM

  • Thursday, May 2 - 2:00PM

  • Friday, May 3 - 12noon

Look out for announcements via your Wildcat email for exact dates and times.

Note: If you are not bringing proof of completion for student loan exit counseling, allow for at least an extra 30 minutes and bring the name, address and telephone number for two personal references

What if I have no Federal Direct Loans?

You are not required to go to a JWU Exit Session. Instead, please visit Student Financial Services in-person during office hours to get your Cap & Gown Form.

Note: If you have a Federal Perkins Loan, you must attend an Exit Session to complete student loan exit counseling.

What if I will be off-campus pursuing my internship during the spring term (and my graduation term is spring, summer or fall)?

You are not required to go to a JWU Exit Session. Before the winter term ends, please visit Student Financial Services in-person during office hours to get your Cap & Gown Form. Note: If you have federal student loans, you will receive instructions during your graduation term to complete student loan exit counseling.

After I get my Cap & Gown Form, where do I go?

Take your form to the campus bookstore. Note: Copies of the form will NOT be accepted. Cap & gown pickup will be available in the campus bookstore February 1 through May 17, 2019.

How can I order invitations and class rings?

Graduation announcements are available for sale in the JWU bookstore. Students wishing to order customized invitations may use one of the university’s selected vendors. Orders should be placed in advance to ensure timely receipt.

Herff Jones (invitations & rings): purchase personalized commencement announcements .

Student Speaker

Each year, the university selects a qualified graduate to represent his/her graduating class. Interested students should submit their application packet and speech to Gisami Pilarte, ASC 503 by Tuesday, April 2, 2019.



  • Good academic, financial and disciplinary standing at Johnson & Wales University

  • A cumulative grade point average (GPA) of at least 3.75 through the winter 2018-2019 term

  • Eligible to walk with a bachelor’s degree in the May 2019 commencement ceremony based on credits earned

  • Students may be selected only once for commencement speaker

Commencement Speaker Sample Rubric 

Awards and Honors

Each year, the university’s staff and faculty honor top performing students with awards to recognize their academic and student life achievements.

  • Hootie Solt Community Service Award: Given to the student who has demonstrated the spirit of giving, embodied by Judith “Hootie” Solt through his or her involvement in the community.

  • Dr. Gene Burns Alumni Award: Given to the individual whose activities have enhanced the reputation of the university.

  • Governor Christopher Del Sesto & Dr. Anthony Kemalian Trustee Awards: Given to students who have the greatest contribution in service to the community.

  • The John J. Bowen Experiential Education Leadership Award: Given to a graduating senior for outstanding work and contributions to industry as a student, as well as demonstration of leadership, both on and off-campus.

  • Academic Performance Award: Awarded to the graduating student from each college who has achieved the highest academic average and is recommended by the faculty.

  • Alpha Beta Kappa: An honors society designation which is presented to all bachelor’s degree graduates with a cumulative GPA of 3.9 and higher.

Student Awards Questionnaire