Are tickets required for guests? 

Yes, due to space constraints tickets are required for all guests attending undergraduate commencement. Tickets are specific to each ceremony and must be presented at the venue's main entrance – seats are not assigned, tickets are for general admittance.

Tickets are not required for the graduate studies ceremonies (there will be ample seating).

How many guest tickets does each degree candidate get for undergraduate commencement?

Each student is eligible to receive up to six guest tickets. Due to space limitations, we cannot accommodate requests for additional tickets. Furthermore, we cannot replace lost or misplaced tickets.

How can I get an extra ticket? Are they for sale?

Ask around. Students may share unused tickets with whomever they desire (make sure tickets are for the correct ceremony). The sale of tickets is NOT condoned – please do not buy or sell them.

What's a name card? What is it used for?

It's needed to announce your name when crossing the commencement stage. Keep your card in a safe place and bring it with you when arriving to your ceremony. If necessary, clearly print on your card the best way to pronounce your name.

What else do I get in addition to a cap & gown?

  • All graduating students except AS degree candidates will receive an Academic Hood.

  • Undergraduates with a 3.4 or higher GPA as of the winter term will receive a Gold Cord.

  • Honors Program graduating students with a 3.4 or higher GPA as of the winter term will receive an Honors Gold Stole (given out by the program director).

  • Undergraduates who've participated in co-curricular activities designated by university parameters will receive a Blue & White Cord (distributed by the applicable club or program director).

How do I dress? What should I wear?

  • Avoid ironing the gown; instead, tumble dry it on low in a dryer & then place on a hanger.

  • Under the gown, wear professional attire with comfortable dress shoes.

  • Place tassels on the front, right side of your cap.

  • The Academic Hood should be placed over the shoulders & then unfolded to expose the colors.

How do I satisfy Exit Session requirements? Do I have to attend one?

If you have no federal student loans or your graduation term is summer or fall, do not complete these steps – no Cap & Gown Form is required (you can proceed directly to the bookstore during posted distribution days/times).

If you have loans and your graduation term is winter or spring, you must complete the below steps during your final term (instructions will be emailed to you). When done, you'll receive a Cap & Gown Form (required for you).

Step 1:

Step 2:

This step applies to undergraduate students only who have a spring graduation date. AS degree students continuing for a JWU BS degree are not required to complete this step at this time.

  • Complete The First Destination Survey (emailed to you beginning in April).

  • Print proof of completion.

Step 3:

  • Bring the printed items described above to an Exit Session.

  • If you cannot attend an Exit Session, contact Student Financial Services ASAP.

When and where are Exit Sessions? When should I pick up my cap/gown, name card & tickets?

Exit Sessions are held in the Xavier Academic Complex and Harborside Academic Center during posted dates/times below (arrive any time, allow up to 30 minutes). Note the room and plan accordingly to attend (if required).

If you are not required to complete an Exit Session, or after receiving your Cap & Gown Form, go directly to the bookstore during posted dates/times below (arrive any time, allow for about 10 minutes). 

Notes: Culinary & graduate students = go to the Harborside Bookstore; all other students = go to the Downcity Bookstore. If you are unable to pick up your cap/gown, name card or tickets in person, email events@jwu.edu with a detailed message.

Winter Dates/Times

TBD (check back after January 2019)