There will be security checkpoints, including metal detectors and bag checks, for both graduating students & guests entering the venue. Graduation gowns must be unzipped and open.

  1. Leave items like balloons, flowers, purses, etc. with guests (large items are not allowed).
  2. Go down the service road on the left side of the venue to enter via the back of the building.
  3. Inside, follow signs to the designated area for your college or major (there is no alphabetical lineup).
  4. Assemble with friends in your program of study & wait until the ceremony begins.
  5. If needed, use the restroom now because you cannot leave your seat during the ceremony.
  6. Ushers will guide you when to enter the floor seating area, and later, when to proceed to the stage.
  7. There will be a printed program at your seat.
  8. When approaching & exiting the stage, you'll be photographed quickly (be ready & do not hold up the line).
  9. Before crossing the stage, give your name card to the announcer.
  10. Cross the stage to greet the dean as your name is announced & then promptly exit to return to your seat.