Cap/Gown, Name Card & Tickets

Graduation regalia, name cards, and tickets are distributed in person prior to commencement at Graduation Sessions. Please review all FAQs below. In addition, be sure to review Arrival Instructions (it's important to know what to expect when you arrive for your graduation ceremony - there is NO practice session).


How much are graduation fees? 

  • JWU does not have a graduation fee; however, students must purchase their cap & gown.
  • The cost by program is $41.00 for associate degrees; $70.00 for bachelor's degrees; and $76.00 for master's degrees.
  • Payment and distribution will occur at the JWU Bookstore during Graduation Sessions (scroll down for instructions).

What graduation regalia will I get?

Cap, Gown & Tassel

  • All degree recipients will receive these three items during Graduation Sessions (scroll down for instructions).
  • Avoid ironing your gown; instead, tumble dry it on low in a dryer and then place on a hanger.
  • Under the gown, wear professional attire with comfortable dress shoes.
  • Undergraduate degree recipients wear tassels on the front-right side of the cap.
  • Master’s and doctoral degree recipients wear tassels on the front-left of the cap.
Academic Hood

  • All degree recipients except AS degree candidates will receive a hood, too.
  • Place the hood over your shoulders and then unfold to expose the colors.


Originating from the cowls of monastic orders, the hoods are the most distinctive part of the graduation regalia. Their shape and size indicate the level of degree attained, and the colors reflect both the academic field as well as the institution that granted the degree. The fields of study most frequently represented in academic processions are as follows: Gold for Arts; Drab for Business, Commerce, Fine Arts, Sciences Drab; Light Blue for Education; Slate Blue for Occupational Therapy; Green for Physician Assistant Studies.

Gold Cord

  • Undergraduate degree recipients with a 3.5 or higher GPA as of the fall semester will receive this cord.
  • If eligible, you will receive this along with your cap, gown & tassel.
Honors Gold Stole

  • Undergraduate degree recipients in the Honors Program who have a 3.4 or higher GPA as of the fall semester will receive this stole.
  • Honors stoles are distributed by the Honors Program director.

Blue & White Cord

  • Undergraduate degree recipients who participated in co-curricular activities designated by university parameters will receive this cord.
  • These cords are distributed by student organization program directors.

What's a Name Card? What name gets printed on it and in the Commencement Program?

  • It's used to read your name out loud when you cross the commencement stage (scroll down for pickup instructions).
  • Keep it in a safe spot and bring it with you on the day of commencement.
  • Your printed name will match what's listed on your Graduation Application, which you can view in jwuLink
  • If necessary, to make sure your name is pronounced correctly, write clearly and directly on your card the best way to pronounce your name.

What if I prefer to use a different first name (other than my legal name) on my Name Card and/or in the Commencement Program?

  • Please submit the Graduation Name in Use form by April 5, 2024.
  • If the submission deadline is missed, your name card can be adjusted the day of commencement (simply cross out your first name and write in your preferred name).
  • For the pre-printed program, we will produce an addendum during the summer - please fill out the Graduation Name in Use form by May 17, 2024 and then email to request a copy.

Are tickets required for guests?

Undergraduate Graduation Ceremony

  • Yes, tickets ARE REQUIRED for the undergraduate ceremony.
  • Each undergraduate degree recipient is allotted up to FIVE (5) tickets, which are free and have no monetary value (scroll down for pickup instructions).
  • Any guest who will be occupying a seat needs a ticket (infants aged 2 or under who will be sitting on a lap will not need a ticket).
  • Seating is open and not assigned.
  • Accessibility tickets for guests in wheelchairs are available upon request (during ticket pickup).
  • Tickets CANNOT be replaced by the university if lost.
  • Tickets should NEVER be sold or bought (this is considered a university violation and will trigger the conduct review process).
  • Students who don't plan to use all five tickets may GIVE unused tickets to any student seeking them (or return the tickets to the university events office).
  • Students may post reasonable ticket requests in the jwuLink commencement group.
  • If there are unclaimed tickets, we will distribute them on a first-come, first-served basis a few days prior to the ceremony (updates and instructions will be shared in the jwuLink commencement group).
Graduate Studies Graduation Ceremony

  • Tickets are NOT REQUIRED for the graduate studies ceremony.
  • Seating is open and not assigned.

Where do I pick up my graduation regalia, name card, and tickets? When are Graduation Sessions?

  • These items are distributed during Graduation Sessions, which once finalized, are listed as events in the jwuLink commencement group (follow link for dates, times, and instructions).
  • Notices will be emailed to students when it’s time to complete these activities.
  • Fall Graduation Sessions are open to the following students only: 1) commencement-eligible students who are graduating in the Fall 2023 Semester, and 2) commncement-eligible students who are registered for off-campus courses/experiences (e.g. internship, study abroad, online-only courses, etc.) in the Spring 2024 Semester.
  • Spring Graduation Sessions will be held near the end of the spring semester and are open to all commencement-eligible students who are graduating in the Spring 2024, Summer 2024, and Fall 2024 Semesters.
  • Note: If it's your final semester and you have federal student loans, you must first complete Student Loan Exit Counseling BEFORE you can pick up your graduation regalia or tickets.

What if I cannot appear in person to pick up my graduation regalia, name card, or tickets?

  • Please email with a detailed message and await further instructions.